Phylax® is the web based management application for GDO, surveillance and anti shoplifting. REGULATION COMPLIANCE •    DM 269/10 and Privacy Compliance The application manages, gives evidence and supervises the different services provided in the GDO and in the business centers, documenting the use of different kind of services such as investigation and door keeper services •    Management of roles and responsibilities involved in the anti shoplifting, investigation and door keeping services. SERVICE MANAGEMENT •    Management of different functions, sites or organizations The application manages independent relational DB between surveillance institutes, door keeping companies and GD0 (final customers), in a way that each of these subjects can enter data relative to the interested operations autonomously compared to the other actors. CONTRACT MANAGEMENT •    Contract and documentation management with a preventive allert in case the deadline is approaching  also referring to the attached documentation (for example: DURC, but also other documents); •    Possibility to link the contract management to the payment authorizations. OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT •    Operational dashboard Control of the services and operations progress and of the following developments. ANALYSIS AND REPORTING •    Single performance index for site, GDO, geografic area and so on; •     Possibility of doing statistics, analysis, flexsible and modular researches, with a wide range of scheduled  and customized reports Phylax® can be customized with company or unit company data And also: •    Integrated and proactive document management; •    Web link to remote client that allows the continuity of the service even during a failure of Internet connection •    Data enter from remote pc o even thought Short Message Service •    Operation tracking from different users regardless from the operating system The application is privacy compliant including the general decision on System Administrator •    Cloud computing carried out respecting all the security measures: web site management in EU territory and with 27001 certified personnel •    Privacy management by Adeia Consulting as Data Processor in outsourcing