TVCC CONTROL ROOM (standard UNI 11068:2005) – First aid alarm and health care – Fire alarm – Anti crime alarm

Structural and organizational characteristics necessary to realize a TVCC control room able to guarantee in an efficient way and respecting specific quality ratings one or more of the following kind of services: fire alarm, anticrime alarm, first aid and health care alarm

  • External part: minimum requirements;
  • Systems: minimum requirements of the systems that receive and manage the phone calls;
  • Organization and procedures
  • Service minimum requirements for.
    – Fire alarm;

– Anti crime alarm;

– First aid and health care alarm.


  • Data processors in outsourcing
  • Written description of the activities adopted by the data controller and of the relative software and hardware (Rule 25 – Annex B – Technical specifications concerning minimum security measures)
  • DPS updating and introduction of suitable preventative security measures
  • Video surveillance, geo-localization and  access control;
  • Data registration time
  • System Administrator general provision compliance
  • Local Labour Authority  permission


  1. Communication  front end (FEC);
  2. Distribution and receipt management (GRD)
  3. Operative stations (POP)
  4. Integrated business management (GCI);
  5. Dedicated sub systems such as:

i.          Geographical Information System (GIS)

ii.          Position correction (CPO)

iii.          Remote video control (CVR)


  • NORMA UNI 11068:2005
  • UNI EN 356 – UNI EN 1063 – CEI 79-28
  • D. Lgs. vo 196/03 (c.d. Codice Privacy) e normativa Privacy;
  • Art. 4 Statuto dei lavoratori (Legge 300/70)