Employer consultancy
•    Risk evaluation
•    Stress related risk evaluation
•    Arrangement of  the “evaluation  risk document” even considering the interference
•    Appointment of the RSPP responsible for the prevention and protection service risk
•    Mandate from the employer
•    Arrangement of a Safety Management System (SGSL – please refer to the specific  sheet)
•    Security risks to be evaluated in relation with safety
•    Construction site safety.
Prevention and protection service risk
•    Risk identification and evaluation
•    Identification of safety measures
•    Arrangement of safety procedures
•    Periodic safety meetings
Employee training and updating
•    Employee training and updating
•    Planning
Tax allowance and financial contributions
•    Tax allowance and financial contributions by INAIL and region authoties
– Legislative Decree 81/2008 and its smi;
– Guide Lines UNI-INAIL (September 2003)
– SGSL Manual (June 2003)
– SGSL Operative Guide (October 2003)
– Guide Lines for the implementation of safety management systems in a company network (February 2010)
– Other guide lines and release by INAIL, OSHA, SUVA
– Good practices