Today is very difficult to separate Security (anticrime but also IT security) from Safety (in workplaces and environment).
I understand that it’s sufficient to look into scenarios such as bank robbery or to the application of Security measures in areas interested by specific Safety treats (for example: ATEX or SEVESO rules)
In particular these connections become as an additional complexity for all those organizations that want to have good Security level in compliance with Italian regulation (Data Protection, D.lvo 231, DM 37/08, etc.)
When new technoligies (Biometrics, Video surveillance, RFID, GPS) are used or the rules regarding Internet and e-mail are applied, the relationship between law and technical aspects is so strict and clear that it is sufficient a minor technical or organizational change to made a system unsuitable and not compliant.

Adeia is able to find integrated security solutions based on two main key points.
The first one is the necessary interconnection between disciplines even very distant from each (for example to realize a video surveillance or a biometric system compliant with the Data protection code and the rules related to working places)
Adeia born to respond to specific needs of interconnection more than to the vertical hyper specialization in specific fields (up to now already covered by different specialists such as: IT developers, lawyers, accountants s, and so on…)

Our innovative proposal is based on the cooperation between different skills and abilities, technological aspects or complementary needs linked to the Italian regulation
In order to meet this target Adeia uses the most qualified skills and abilities that allows to identify the link between legal rules, internal organization and technological measures using an original and exclusive work method based on “on the field” means and procedures always kept updated with the technological and legal development

The second key point is the need of thinking about Security as the balanced and coherent integration between processes, organizational structure and means (not only technological but also legal)
Il secondo cardine è la necessità di pensare alla Sicurezza come alla armonica e coerente integrazione di processi, struttura organizzativa e strumenti (non solo tecnologici, ma p. es. anche normativi).

Our skills allow to assess processes and organization structure by finding weaknesses, strength, solutions

By remembering a famous slogan of one of the most well-known IT Security experts, Bruce Schneier, “Security is not only a product but a process”. Adeia vision wants to go even further by searching for the solution for the Security needs not in processes separated by the ones related to company business but above all inside the company processes themselves and inside the organization structure as a whole
In conclusion, referring to what above, we are deeply convinced that any security solution, besides the necessary legal and technological measures can not prescind from a fundamental factor: man.